SMILE PMS allows gathering and centralizing data from departments (FO, POS, BO, …) and then exports the detail as well as the general reports which are used for the management of the Hotels or Resorts. The information from other parts is transferred through the intranet and the operations are performed on electronic devices such as computers, laptops or tablets, … then the staffs can print all reports which are necessary for payment of customers.

Besides, SMILE PMS can support our clients with their observations from long distance through the Internet, so that the director or GM can see the business condition of their Hotels or Resort at anytime, anywhere.

In addition, one of our strong points is that the software can be used bilingual languages; English and Vietnamese at the same time. This is really convenient and helpful for staffs especially for Hotels and Resorts have foreign employees. 

So not only be provided a total and fitted solution for the administrator, our customers are also supported the long term maintenance to maximize the qualification of the management done by SMILE PMS.