SMILEPOS can manage all point of sales of the hotel such as Restaurant, Bar, Health Centre, Souvenir Shop…

Table map

SMILE POS is developed to be operating in touch screen specialized computer. Users do not need to use keyboard and mouse, just pressing directly into the computer screen, helping users to make works faster, reducing guess’s waiting time, making the restaurant become more professional.

SMILE POS can also be used in popular computer with keyboard and mouse to reduce investment.

SMILE POS can manage at the same time different currencies, different payment modes, different discount programs and different taxes.

Hotel’s guess can make the payment in Cash or charged to the room’s account for payment while check out.

Posting interface

After ordering, it can be closed, it will be opened when guests order more or make payment.

List of dishes will be printed in the kitchen right after ordering, it will make dish serving faster, more precise and easier to be controlled.

SMILE POS allows communicating directly to the storage or through recipe. As the result, it can make reports comparing the different between recipe expense and real expense in order to manage the sales more effectively, more precise and strictly.

SMILE POS can also manage the membership card. Members with card can enjoy discounting automatically according to the stated information in the card. It can collect all information on card revenue. It can issue payment in advance card, the card amount will be deducted when member using it.

SMILE POS is communicated directly to SMILE FO, SMILE BO to make a TOTAL SOLUTION.