Smile Purchasing

PRs (Purchase requests) are created by departments in the company. After that, they are approved by the head of department and transferred to Financial or Accounting Department to approve.

Approved PRs are transferred to Purchasing Department where they are filtered to create different PO (after considering vendor’s quotation).

There are two way of purchasing:

  • PR turns into PO
  • Call vendor directly

And PRs are transferred to Receiving with two types:

  • Receiving with PO (Purchase order)
  • Receiving without PO

Functions: Basically, SMILE PURCHASING is used for managing and planning work for future plans such as: Purchasing plan, managing orders of department (accounting, technical…), vendor – price list, managing Receiving (with or without PO), managing purchased and ordered items statistically, making a list of regular or compulsory purchasing items from that user can work out reasonable purchasing plans.

Results: This function helps Purchasing Procedure to carry out promptly and conveniently (since PO in purchasing links with Receiving).