Smile IPS - System Interface

SMILE IPS connects two ways with all electronic systems in the hotel such as the operator, magnetic lock, clever building controller, air-conditioner control system....


SMILE PBX can recognize telephone charge information from ALL operators, analyze and record directly into Guest’s account. So that telephone charge information is updated immediately in SMILE FO.

SMILE PBX supports many different telephone charge methods. The telephone charge table can be adjusted easily and conveniently.


SMILE BPX can receive other information from the operator such as information on room status, minibar and updated in SMILE FO. Housekeeper can use telephone to record the room status after clearing the room, this status is updated immediately in SMILE FO.

SMILE PBX also can receive information from SMILE FO and control the operator. When one room is Checked-in by FO staff through SMILE FO, the operator will open the line for guess to make outside phone call and close when Check-out.